In line with the current presidential directive to the ministry of labour and productivity to ensure  that every work environment in the country meet the stipulated standard in work methods and occupational health and safety in line with the international ILO conventions, a typical 21st century business environment demand individuals who can multitask while focusing on achieving their objectives, i.e. Individuals that can excel in Project Management and HSE. Today’s development projects are increasingly complex and implemented under tight frame and budget constraints with varying degree of hazards. While many organizations are passionate to implement successful projects with zero loss time injury (LTI), the cash crunch in the economy poses a great challenge, thereby prompting organizations to seek individuals who are skilled in various areas of their operation to remain at the top of their game.
Therefore, FREBLES SOLUTIONS LTD is offering you a life time opportunity to either take your career to a new level or make yourself optimal and better employable by attending our combined PMP and HSE training (can you believe that, 2 packages in 1). Below are some of the benefits attached to having you trained in HSE and project management:
• Project Management skills and knowledge gives your clients confidence that their job will be handled professionally.
• HSE management skills and knowledge will enable your organization develop a world class working environment and give your clients confidence that their assets, reputation, personnel, job and the environment will be handled safely.
• Profiling your staff as certified PMPs and HSE professionals will boost your Organization’s corporate image.
• Members of your staff like Management Executives, Project Managers, Field staff and even support staff in your industry need to be equipped with this knowledge and certifications to remain relevant in the industry.
• Your staff will learn how to develop realistic schedules and achieve customer by-in in a healthful environment
• Your staff will learn cost management, cost evaluation and achievement of objectives within budget.
• Your staff will know how to identify, control and mitigate hazards in the work environment.
• Your staff will learn how to improve the Quality of their work and other deliverables.